This Is The Hilarious Reason Amy Adams Didn’t Elope

Amy Adams is not the type one would expect to elope. Her characters are typically cut from the same cloth that has produced Hillary Swank, Jennifer Lawrence, and Uma Thurman. They are always the rock, always there to make sure things get put on the right path. Even in American Hustle, a film in which her necklines plunged so deep that they might have reached somewhere around the earth’s core, she’s more of a canny grifter than a doe-eyed romantic. But she almost ran away and got married to husband Darren Le Gallo before their actual wedding in May of last year. "We wanted to find a chaplain, go to the desert and get married at sunset," she says in the cover story of the April issue of Marie Claire UK. "But to be honest, we got too drunk. Then it was just not going to happen." Classic Amy Adams. Getting too bombed to do something crazy and impulsive. On the list of reasons not to elope, getting drunk has to be pretty low. Usually people get drunk, then get married is what we’re trying to say. Nobody in Las Vegas is saying, “I don’t think we should go through with this, because we’re both too drunk.” That’s just not done. So congratulations to Amy Adams for breaking new ground even when she’s too faced to get to the desert.

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