Your March Horoscope, Revealed

This article was originally published on February 29, 2016.
Don't get it twisted: March actually comes IN like a lamb in 2016 and leaves with a lion's roar. The sun flows through gentle-hearted Pisces until the 20th, calling forth our compassion and creativity. With Venus in friendly, future-forward Aquarius until the 12th, maybe we'll all figure out how to get along after all. Embrace the humanitarian spirit — and extend it farther than you normally would. With motivator Mars in globally conscious Sagittarius from March 5 until May 28, connecting cross-culturally, uh, trumps (cough) hiding out in our "safe" bubbles. Bottom line: In March, none of us should judge a book by its cover.
March is eclipse season — and that means there WILL be surprises. Two of 2016's four eclipses happen this month (the other pair goes down in September). Like that legendary groundhog, we could see our own shadows (eek!) as these rare lunations bring hidden information to light. On the 8th, a solar — or new moon — eclipse in Pisces puts our vices on blast. It's cleanup time, whether that means dialing down the fast-fashion splurges or cutting back some of the inflammation-producing foods that can zap our energy, like wheat and bottomless refills of coffee. Forgiveness is in the air and this eclipse gives us the courage to extend the olive branch. Unfortunately, we could also discover some shady business going down, since Pisces governs both healers and hidden enemies.
On the 23rd, the lunar — or full moon — eclipse in partnership-oriented Libra will see people sealing deals right and left. Marriage certificates, business contracts, record deals — it's all about dynamic duos under these moonbeams! This is the third (and final) of a trio of annual Libra lunar eclipse of a series that began on April 15, 2014, so it's likely that these partnerships have been developing for a while. Surprise! We could discover that we're smitten with a steady ally who's been hovering in the friend zone.
On the 20th, the sun zooms into fire sign Aries for a month, restoring our roars. This is a time to be lionhearted, whether we're sticking up for our beliefs or bravely putting our talents on display. But learn from Kanye: Don't let your Twitter feed write a check that your ass — or Mark Zuckerberg — can't cash. Wild Jupiter locks horns with restrictive Saturn all month, so if you're going to put yourself out there, make SURE you can back up your words with action and that your claims are bulletproof.

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