Watch The Perfect Mashup Of Lady Gaga & Musical Theater

Last year, Lady Gaga stunned everyone with her beautiful Sound of Music tribute. But for some, that wasn't quite enough of a Gaga/Sound of Music combo. Enter The Sound of Gaga.
In April, the cast of The Sound of Music in the U.K. created a staged Lady Gaga greatest-hits tribute. And they did it in costume. So you get Liesl and Rolf singing "Edge of Glory." And Maria's wedding scene becomes a new video for "Bad Romance."
Anton Belmonté, who acted as director of photography, told BuzzFeed that he was brought in to film the numbers on a small budget. But in the end, “The songs took a few rehearsals to get right, and sounding good; it was a bit crazy to start with, but the operatic tones and Gaga style fused so well.”
The video has already received the best stamp of approval: a positive tweet from Gaga herself. She wrote in response to the clip, "I mean this is just so amazing, the instrumentation and the performers! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

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