Here’s What Happens When A Muggle IT Guy Works At Hogwarts

While we were definitely under the impression that electronics didn't function on the Hogwarts campus, you have to imagine that in the intervening years since the books were written things might have changed a smidge. The smartphone has made its way to almost every other place on earth. It seems unlikely that the school for magic would be any exception in 2016. And — if Hogwarts did lift the ban on electronic devices — the school would undoubtably need an IT team. That's where the Setup Wizard comes in. Created by a real-life muggle named Jonathan Dart, Setup Wizard is a fan fiction diary chronicling adventures of a non-magical man tasked with handling all of Hogwarts tech issues. In his first entry, Dart writes:
Darts' blog only gets better from there.
Devout Harry Potter fans will deeply appreciate the references, as will anyone who has ever struggled to explain WiFi to someone who deeply doesn't understand. Check out the diary in full here.

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