This Chinese Singer Was Caught Lip-Syncing In A Cringeworthy Slip Up

When performers make mistakes onstage, they tend to recover pretty quickly. Adele, for example, bounced back from technical issues during her performance at the Grammy awards earlier this month. But some snafus are more than technical errors — and that's something one Chinese singer recently learned the hard way. Sa Dingding, a Chinese folk singer, was performing during the country's Lantern Festival Gala on Monday when she — and members of the audience — realized how obvious her lip-syncing was. The telltale sign? She was holding her microphone upside down, China's People's Daily reported. Dingding tried to flip the mic over, but the damage had been done — and it had aired live on China's CCTV-15. Lip-syncing is more than just frowned upon in China, too. The country banned the practice after a singer was caught lip-syncing during the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony, The WorldPost reports. Repeat offenders of the lip sync ban could lose their licenses to perform. To her credit, Dingding appears to be taking the misstep in stride. The singer reportedly joked on her Weibo account that she'll improve her acting skills next time, according to Yibada. Watch the incident in question below:

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