3-D Printing Gives Women With Bigger Busts A Better Bra

"What if our bras could support us?" is the simple question that industrial designers Laura West and Sophia Berman set out to answer in 2014, their website says. The pair was "sick of the lack of options in larger cup sizes and realized the extreme need for innovation in the lingerie industry."
The cofounders' answer to this persistent problem is their company, Trusst Lingerie. Many bras for women with larger breasts use underwire to lift the breasts. West and Berman chose to use a 3-D printer to create a new kind of comfortable, but supportive, bra for women with bigger busts. The secret? They removed that pesky underwire.

After creating 300 prototypes, the industrial designers created a new bra design that "creates lift."

Trusst Lingerie's bras promise to "support the weight of your bust from underneath, removing the burden on your shoulder straps and refocusing the support around the core of your body, where your strongest muscles are," according to the company's website.
The designers launched a Kickstarter that raised over $78,000 and are now selling their inventions for between $100 and $130. Now, Trusst's three bras, the Jessica, the Marjory, and the Suzanne, are available on pre-order.

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