Kristen Wiig Is A Super Creepy Hannibal Lecter

W Magazine’s Casting Call series is always a pleasure. In the past, it’s delivered us this amazing Clueless monologue and Amy Schumer crushing it doing Gone with the Wind. Now, we have another episode and another iconic performance to gender swap.

This time it’s actresses taking on Hannibal Lecter’s creeptastic speech to Clarice Starling from The Silence of the Lambs. Jane Fonda, Mya Taylor, Carey Mulligan, and Greta Gerwig also get in on the fun and deliver some great moments. Fonda kind of makes us wonder what kind of murdering chops she’s been hiding all these years. But the real star is Kristen Wiig. Maybe it’s just the spookiness she’s been accessing while filming Ghostbusters, but her eyes and line delivery have us shivering.

“That was fucking brilliant,” Lynn Hirschberg calls from offscreen as Wiig drops a devastating side-eye. We’re definitely inclined to agree.

Could there be a serial killer role in her future? Put us down for opening night tickets.

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