Aaron Paul Would Like To Thank All His Ex-Girlfriends For Something

It's no secret that Aaron Paul is moderately fond of his wife. He can hardly speak about Mrs. Lauren Paul (née Parsekian) without calling her "goddess," "perfect," "angel," or, his personal favorite, "pretty bird." This week, he Instagrammed a photo of himself and his wife from the premiere of his new heist movie Triple 9, and called her an "angelic goddess" in the caption. No surprise there.
It's the rest of the caption that gave us pause. "I just want to give a shout out to all of my ex's right now," Paul wrote. Okay, where are we going with this? "Some of you were incredible women and it was just never the right fit for us, some of you were pretty crazy and I felt like I was losing my mind but I wish you all the best," he continued. And here's where it starts to make sense. "[B]ut all of you have something incredible in common. You all led me to her. So thank you for that. Ok bye." Paul punctuated the cute/weird sentiment with a bevy of hashtags: "#redcarpet #relationships #exgirlfriends #keepyourheadup #youneverknowwhatsaroundthecorner #wife #prettybird #datenight."
So, the takeaway here? Essentially, keep dating, because even the relationships that don't work out will help you along the path to your soul mate — or something. Also, Aaron Paul is an unabashed romantic who really, really likes his wife.

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