Someone Just Created A Real-Life Version Of The Weasleys’ Clock

The Harry Potter books and movies introduced us to a world of wizarding wonders that were nearly as engrossing as the plot. From leaping chocolate frogs to animated portraits and an owl-based postal system, things are just better in the world J.K. Rowling created. And while most things we may never see in our world (as much as we still want a Nimbus 2000), thanks to technology, one piece of Potter magic has come to life. Reddit user tbornottb3 has created his own version of the Weasleys' clock. Just like the fictionalized one, this clock doesn’t tell time: it gives locations of family members. Using GPS in member’s phones and some ingenious coding, the clock lights up arrows for each family member based on their current location.
Most of the locations (home, work, “on the way,”) are pretty normal, but, just like the clock that inspired it, there’s also “mortal peril.” So how does the clock determine “mortal peril?” Its creator explained that each family member was able to determine what counts as mortal peril: "For example, my sister has it triggered by a forecast of too-cold weather, and I have it triggered by the radius of our rival school." Now if only there was a way to get a Harry Potter spell to work in real life so we could have our own. (Mashable)

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