These 12 TV Characters Shaped Us Into The Women We Are Today

Who doesn't love the '90s?
It's hands-down one of the best eras for music, fashion, and film. But it was also an incredible time for television.
Be honest: How many times do you watch repeats of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air or Boy Meets World even to this very day? Don't be ashamed if your answer is, "Every time they come on."
And, although those shows are centered around guys, the truth is the '90s were also an incredible decade for badass girls and women who were unapologetically feminist.
Think about it: From Buffy Summers to Lisa Simpson, there was a wide variety of awesome young feminists on TV during the '90s. That means that impressionable young women in the '90s got to see women who broke boundaries, kicked ass, and did it all without succumbing to society's expectations for women.
Did you ever want to thank a TV character for inspiring you? For giving you hope? For straight up proving that it's okay to be an awesome feminist—actually, better than okay—it's fucking awesome! Look no further than the 12 '90s TV characters on this list who showed us what being a feminist was all about.

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