Now You Can Have Your Spoon & Eat It, Too

One company is making it disgustingly easy to differentiate soup spoons from your other flatware. Prepare the depths of your kitchen cabinet for the Edible Spoon Maker, which, apropos to its name, empowers you to make edible spoons. With the advent of the Edible Spoon Maker, we have finally reached the next level in culinary convenience. A crusty baguette or flaky biscuit dunked in soup is delicious, but occasionally messy. Not anymore, thanks to this solver of a problem we only just now realized that we had. Mainly, that eating one’s spoon is typically ill-advised. The ESM is essentially an Easy-Bake Oven, but with one very specific purpose. Really, it’s a brilliant device. The more cool devices your kitchen is stocked with, the more incentive for your friends to come over for dinner at your place, which could save you so much money on eating out that the as-yet-undisclosed price tag of the Edible Spoon Maker will pay for itself in no time. Plus, you can get really meta and also serve lattes with a picture of yourself making the edible spoons for your guests. Visit so you can be the first among your friends to possess this completely necessary addition to your collection of back-of-the-cupboard clutter. The Edible Spoon Maker will fit right in there with your butter cutter and your Slap-Chop.

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