This Machine Makes Gorgeous Latte Art & It’s Blowing Our Minds

If you’ve ever dreamed about a cute barista making a design of your dog in the latte foam then winking as they hand you your drink, your dreams are about to come half true. No, not the winking part. The Ripple Maker, out this February, will make any image of your choosing into latte art without any humans being involved. Using the Coffee Ripples app, downloadable to Android or iPhone, the Ripple Maker prints high-res images onto your coffee beverage. All for the low low price of $999 (that’s a lot of nines) and, um, $85 in monthly maintenance. What do they do for $85? Come over and light it on fire in front of you? Or maybe they print some latte art of themselves laughing at you? You can watch the Ripple Make make its magic in the video below, but we recommend that you pay someone $1,000 (and $85 a month) to make latte art. For $1,000 (and $85 a month), I will personally learn to do latte art and make any design of your choosing. It’s actually not that hard. (It cannot possibly be that hard. Can it?)

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