Britney Spears Seeks “Hot Nerd” Possessing “Really Big Penis”

Britney Spears has issued a decree. Like Cinderella's prince, Spears is seeking one person in all the land who can fit into a proverbial glass slipper. What does Spears desire, you ask? A "hot nerd" with a "really big penis." (So, by "slipper" we mean "codpiece" — or whatever its modern-day equivalent is.) "I think it's time for us to find a hot nerd," Spears declared during her Piece of Me concert at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. "Like, a really hot guy with a really big penis."
According to TMZ, Spears made this proclamation at her show Sunday. It was all part of an audience participation bit. Alas, there is not much context to her remarks, so we really don't know whether or not Spears actually found herself a nerdy prince packing some serious girth. Regardless of what came to pass, we commend your quest, Britney.

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