Adele Really Didn’t Enjoy Taylor Swift’s Grammys Glitter Bomb

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock.
Remember in January 2015 when that site called went extremely viral? The premise being, of course, that you could send an envelope of glitter to all of your nemeses and mortal enemies because — having lived and breathed for multiple decades now — we all know that there's nothing worse than having to clean up those teeny, tiny flecks of sparkles that seem to get everywhere. No matter how hard you try, you can never locate all of them. It's the modern-day crafting equivalent of a Sisyphean task.
Therefore, you can imagine why everyone was not positively thrilled at the glitter bomb one Taylor Swift unleashed on the audience at the Grammys at the end of her opening performance. Astonishingly, the majority of the audience seemed pretty jazzed about Swift's sparkly rendition of "Out of the Woods," and even more understanding about the clouds of glittery confetti that rained from the rafters.
Adele, however, was more in the former camp. That is, the group of people who know that once you have glitter somewhere on your person, you can never, ever get it off. She couldn't even hide the momentary look of disdain as Swift finished her performance and the camera cut away to show her reaction, which in that moment, was genuine annoyance at having large sparkles embedded in her hair and beaded dress.
Adele wasn't the only one who was perturbed by Swift's confetti crush. Chris Stapleton took the stage to accept the award for Best Country Album for Traveller, he joked, "I'd like to thank Taylor Swift for glitter bombing me before."
You know what, though? Maybe Taylor Swift is reminding everyone that it's about time we gave the seminal Mariah Carey classic Glitter its due.

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