This Fan Theory Linking The Disney Universe Will Blow Your Mind

Theories about unified film universes are always crowd pleasers. The Quentin Tarantino universe is the most popular one, but others have their acolytes as well. Now, add Disney to that list. The post has been blogged and reblogged to death but appears to have originated with Tumblr user PetiteTiaras has a theory that will help you remember two early '90s Disney classics in an entirely new way. If you remember the scene in Beauty and the Beast in which Belle describes her favorite book, then you remember the key to the fan hypothesis. During the scene, Belle describes a book that features, “Far off places, daring swordfights, magic spells...a prince in disguise! Here's where she meets Prince Charming, but she won’t discover him until chapter three.” That sounds like a lot of Disney movies, but it sounds a lot more like Aladdin. Jasmine meets Al early on, but doesn’t discover her love for him until later. And if you line up the release dates, it makes even more sense. Beauty and the Beast came out November 22, 1991. Aladdin hit theaters November 25, 1992. Given the long lead times between animated features, it’s likely that Disney wanted to give a subtle teaser to their next film. The crazy part is that it took this long for people to figure it out.

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