Watch This College Gymnast Slay The Crowd With Her Epic Floor Routine

When you think gymnastics floor routine, you don't normally picture a girl in a leotard hitting the quan. But that's exactly what Sophina DeJesus, a senior on the UCLA gymnastics team, did on Saturday night. DeJesus didn't just nail a nearly perfect routine and help lead UCLA to victory — she did it with So. Much. Attitude. At a meet this weekend in the team's home arena, UCLA was trailing behind Utah, the two-time defending PAC-12 champion, when Sophina DeJesus hit the floor for her season debut, sending the "7,546-person crowd into a frenzy," as UCLA's Daily Bruin put it.
Not only did she nail the tumbling, earning a nearly perfect 9.925 score, but she also captivated the crowd with her dance moves. DeJesus managed to whip it, hit the quan, salute, and end with the dab. Thanks in part to DeJesus' swagger, UCLA won over Utah 197.1 to 197.075. Since then, DeJesus' floor routine has gone viral.
Meanwhile, on Twitter, people are praising the way she slayed that floor routine, while casually throwing in complex flips, splits, and other insane gymnastic moves. She's even retweeted them:
If you watch the video, you'll notice the commentator accidentally called her "Sonya Meraz" when she started her routine (FYI: Meraz is another gymnast on the UCLA team). Yes, that's embarrassing. And no, he'll never mix her up with anyone else ever again. Slay, Sophina! Slay!

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