Rebel Wilson & Jimmy Fallon Write A "Booty Slap"-Worthy Jam About "Single Life"

If you're single, Valentine's Day can seem like a vapid soul suck. Don't fret, though. Rebel Wilson and Jimmy Fallon's alter ego, Fallonia, are selling the benefits of the single life.
In a skit for The Tonight Show, the comedic duo sang an infectious tune about all the joys of being single.
They rattle off a list of pluses, like not sharing meals at restaurants, liking Justin Bieber's Instagram posts without feeling guilty, filing taxes with ease, and writing prisoners to curb sexual urges.

There's even a catchy hook that will surely be playing on a loop in many people's heads: "Booty slap for single life" — it should be a 2016 mantra.
Yet, the How to be Single star reminds us that being alone isn't all fun. "If you have surgery, nobody picks you up," Fallon raps.

"And nobody finds your dead body in the tub," Wilson reminds us.

Well, that got depressing fast.
At least there are a lot of perks to being single. So if you're down in the dumps on V-Day, use the first half of this jam to remind you why it's awesome to be single.

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