Our Inner 13-Year-Old Really Wants This Hello Kitty Phone

Another day, another amazing product only available in Japan. This time, it’s a Hello Kitty cell phone. That’s right: Everyone’s favorite cat may not actually be a cat after all, but she can place calls. The new phone, which will retail for around $100, will be available in April. Unlike the flip phones of our adolescence, this one will be be WiFi- and Bluetooth-enabled. While the screen is full-color, it’s a far cry from our iPhones. It has a 1.54-inch screen, which is just enough space to see a text or phone number, but certainly not enough to fire up a game of 2048. While we’d be remiss to give up our favorite apps, maybe now is the time to switch. After all, since we’ve reached “peak iPhone,” maybe the next big thing will be retro-style mobiles. And not only is Hello Kitty adorable as a phone, we imagine she’d be way easier to throw into our purses. (Mashable)

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