This Personalized Potato Is The Most Unexpected Valentine’s Day Gift

Photo: Getty Images.
This Valentine's Day, you could buy your significant other chocolate, wine, or one of the other tired V-Day gifts. Or, you could opt to be totally different and send bae a potato. But not just any potato. A spud with a personalized message, so the recipient truly knows your gift of low-key starch is coming from the heart.
For as little as $7.99, MysteryPotato will mail a potato with your message to your Valentine (or friend, or spud-loving neighbor). It's a little pricier if you want to wow them with a sweet potato (but that sort of makes sense when you consider the fact that we always pay a little more for sweet-potato fries). For some inexplicable reason, the site also offers mailable glitter bombs.
Grateful potato recipients have posted their gifts on social media (it's the only way to find out who loves you enough to send you such a gift), allowing would-be potato givers to get some inspiration for the message they'd like to have inscribed on their tubers. Some are simple, sweet declarations of love. But perhaps the most successful lean heavily on the often underappreciated potato pun.

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