The Best Dark Chocolate For Valentine’s Day (Or Any Day)

February 14th is coming up, and we think a little celebration is in order. Not of love — of sweets.
Especially chocolate. Especially dark chocolate. In addition to being a celebrity favorite, dark chocolate, as you've probably heard, is rich in antioxidants from cacao, which can reduce blood pressure, clotting, and increase blood flow. One small study, from 2014, found that healthy young adults who ate a square of 70% dark chocolate every day for a month showed "an obvious improvement" in vascular function from when they began the study. Plus, cocoa's dose of caffeine and theobromine, two stimulants, can also give you a decadent health boost.
With Valentine's Day approaching, you deserve to #treatyoself with something a little more delicious than those chalky little hearts that abound this time of year. Ahead, we've rounded up 10 of the quirkiest and healthiest dark chocolate treats, from dark chocolate dotted with crunchy roasted quinoa (it's like a Crunch bar, but more bougie) to caramel and sea salt coconut butter cups that could absolutely be the only thing we eat until we die. Seriously, these coconut butter cups should be illegal.
Click through for the good stuff.

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