We Now Know The Name & Location Of The American Hogwarts

If Hogwarts is the Oxford of the wizarding world of Harry Potter, it follows that there be a Harvard. J.K. Rowling, in a post on Pottermore, revealed not only the North American wizard school but also the Brazilian, Japanese, and the most major African wizarding school, which appears to be in northern South Africa. Actress Evanna Lynch, who played Luna Lovegood in the films, introduced the schools in a reading, from Rowling’s post, at the third annual A Celebration of Harry Potter event at Universal Orlando Resort The American school is called Ilvermorny and is located, surprise surprise, in the northeast corner of the US. Maybe that’s where all those Salem witches came from? Though no additional details have been released, Lynch said, “I am assured by Pottermore that more will be revealed on Ilvermorny soon.” Castelobruxo (Cass-tell-o-broo-shoo) is the Brazilian wizarding school’s name. Small and furry nocturnal spirit-beings called Caipora keep watch over the students and other animals in the surrounding forest. Japanese wizards will be attending Mahoutokoro (Mah-hoot-o-koh-ro), where the perk is magical robes. The robes grow and change color as the students age and increase in magic ability, from a child size to full adult and from faint pink and full gold, corresponding to student ability. Uagadou (Wag-a-doo), the major African school, is hewn into the side of a mountain. Because wands are European inventions, African witches and wizards are trained to cast spells using only hand gestures. Returning to Pottermore with new illustrations are the Sorting Ceremony and the Wand Selector, which enable users to be sorted into a house and pick out their own magic wand.

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