Taylor Swift's Post-Tour Break Involves Quality Cat Time

After staging an exhaustive world tour last year, Taylor Swift has certainly earned a break. Now is the time for her to catch up with friends, plan date nights with Calvin Harris, and Netflix and chill. And, yet, all the girl seems to want to do is hang out with her cats. To be fair, we can't really blame her.

Here's a video Swift shared on Instagram in response to questions about how she's enjoying her time off.

"So how do you spend your time now that the tour is over?"

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Clearly, the fans' loss is Meredith Grey's gain. Must be nice to have your human back in head-stroking mode where she belongs. Pity she has to share the attention with Olivia Benson. Let the blowdrying commence!


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