Rand Paul Just Gave An Amazing Response To This Question

Photo: Charlie Neibergall/ AP Photo.
In Thursday night’s GOP debate, the Republican candidates were finally asked to address a question that was the subject of one of the best moments of the most recent Democratic debate: race and policing. Rand Paul's answer was thoughtful, nuanced, and welcome.

Posing his question by video, veteran and YouTube star Mark Watson asked, “We currently have better cameras in our pockets than in our precincts — why aren’t we using technology to better protect our communities?”

Paul took the question, but he didn’t just answer with comments on technology. Instead, he painted a broader picture of communities and policing as a whole.

“I’ve been trying to look for solutions to our criminal justice system,” he started. “One thing I discovered in Ferguson was that one-third of the budget in the city of Ferguson was getting reaped by civil fines.” He continued, “People were being fined to death. You or I, or many people in this audience, if we get [a] $100 fine, we can survive it. If you’re living on the edge of poverty and you get [a] $100 fine, or your car towed, a lot of times you lose your job.”

He spoke on the subject of race, as well. “The war on drugs has disproportionately affected our African American community,” he said, adding that the country needs to ensure that they don’t unfairly incarcerate another generation of young Black men.

“I think something has to change. I think it’s a big thing that our party needs to be part of,” he finished to cheers from the crowd.


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