Leonardo DiCaprio Hung Out & Talked Art With Pope Francis

Carlos Tischler/REX Shutterstock
Leonardo DiCaprio, somewhat incredibly, has never won an Oscar. But he’s tried perhaps harder than anyone in the history of cinema to rectify that injustice.

DiCaprio met with Pope Francis recently, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The pair met to talk about the environment and swap reading material.

Reportedly, Leo gave the pope a book containing replicas of work by 15th-century Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch. He also showed the Pope a version of Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights, the famous triptych featuring earth, heaven, and hell, that his parents hung over his crib as a baby.

We’re certain that Leo didn’t ask the Pope to slip in a prayer for him to take home his first Oscar. Certainly, if we had the Pope sitting right there, we might ask. It couldn’t hurt, right? (Leo did make a donation to the church.)

Fandor Keyframe has created a short montage video of all the other things Leo has gone through while chasing that gold statue. It’s an exhaustive list, which we compiled below, and worth watching just to see the scope and breadth of his career.

In some ways, DiCaprio is the modern Peter O’Toole, a similarly accomplished (and nominated) actor that never quite made it onto the podium to get his just desserts. O’Toole won an Honorary Academy Award in 2002, but we all know that it isn’t quite the same.

That list again, is:
Bear Fighting

Shark Stabbing

Cliff Diving

Underwater Kissing

Bar Brawling

Bullet Taking

Tower Climbing

Dueling De Niro

Dream Kicking

Quaalude Crawling

Plane Crashing

Fast-Draw Shooting

Boot Beating

Sinking Ship Escaping

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