This Parody Video Perfectly Sums Up Our Lives

Being a single woman in New York isn't easy. Work, social obligations, and blizzards can take a toll on your psyche. No one knows this better than the woman in the video below. After a tough period, she found the solution to life's woes in an all-too-familiar place.

This Girl's Moving Story Will Inspire You To Love Yourself

"I was going to therapy three, four times a week. Nothing was helping. It was like a really, really difficult time..."

Posted by Millennials of New York on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Are you laughing, face-palming, or both?

While it's obviously a parody on millennial culture, it is funny, and accurate in a way. Many of us do turn to Likes and comments to boost our mood or give us some social validation. But, like in the video, if you're able to use social media to give yourself a boost, rather than bring you down in the first place, there's nothing wrong with that. Find happiness and laughter wherever you can — even if it's in 123 Likes on a selfie with a wax figure of "Morgan Freeman."

May we all find the same level of peace and joy in life as Joanna, age 26.


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