The Skinny
The Skinny, Episode 3: Squad

Jessie Kahnweiler hangs out with a Vine star who teaches Jessie about feminism, rolling blunts, and being sexually liberated.

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The Skinny is an R29 original dark comedy series that follows feminist wannabe YouTube star Jessie (Jessie Kahnweiler) as she explores love, life, and friendship in L.A. — while struggling with bulimia.
Stewart sets up a media screening for Jessie's YouTube series in hopes that someone will bite and sign her as the new face of female-branded content. Though she may be edgy and out there, the duo realizes that audiences are hesitant to get behind a woman that "real." Jessie leaves with a friendship in an underage Vine star named Sadie and her teenage girl squad of sexually liberated females.
Jessie finds solace in Sadie and friends — enough to divulge her breakup with Cole and his new living status with her mom. The girls take matters into their own hands and decide to make a late-night trip to the Kahnweiler residence to drop off a few unexpected surprises on their lawn.
Watch as Jessie spends the day surrounded by crop tops and cough medicine while trying to find her place in the vast new-media landscape. If you're struggling with an eating disorder, you're not alone. The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) Helpline can be reached at 800-931-2237. This quiz, NEDA’s free and confidential screening for eating disorders, is designed to help people determine if it’s time to seek professional help.
As heard in this episode:
Artist: JP, "Superburst"
Artist: Sweaty Dune, "Drug Store," "End Party"
Artist: Kosher Dillz, "Koi Ha Kavod Lirkod"
Artist: The Julie Ruin, "Ha Ha Ha Ha"
The Skinny Episode 3Released on January 27, 2016

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