This Couple Braved The Blizzard For Amazing Engagement Photos

Photo: Courtesy of Dotun Ayodeji.
While everyone else on the East Coast was binge-watching Netflix and drinking hot cocoa, a couple from Washington, D.C., decided to brave Winter Storm Jonas in order to get the perfect engagement photos.

Felicia Sam and David Nartey left work on Friday and drove nearly 40 minutes to Fort Meade, MD, along with their photographer, to play in the snow as part of an engagement shoot, reports ABC News.

"We had wanted to do a snow photo shoot for a long time," Sam told ABC. She and her fiancé were engaged in October 2015. "So any opportunity that presented itself, we were just going to take it. I heard on the news that there was going to be a blizzard, so I said surely there'll be snow. I called the photographer and said, 'Are you up for it?' And he said, 'Oh my god, you're reading my mind.'"

It all resulted in some seriously dreamy engagement photos featuring the happy couple as they play and snuggle against a perfectly wintry background.

They shared the photos, which have since gone viral, on social media this past weekend. Photographer Dotun Ayodeji, who captured these moments for Sam and Nartey, couldn't be happier.

"I was definitely not expecting the outpour of praise or for it to go viral," Ayodeji tells Refinery29. "I just did what I love to do, which is take fun and sometimes crazy pictures with my clients at engagement shoots."

Click through to see some of the incredible photos from Sam and Nartey's photo shoot. And check out more of Ayodeji's work on his website.

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