This Is The WORST Way To Propose

Over-the-top proposals have become a part of life. Every month or so, a flash mob or custom made movie trailer proposal dominates Facebook news feeds across America. The hopeless romantics will swoon, the cynics will roll their eyes, but what both camps can agree on is that scaring your beloved to death should never be a part of popping the question.
In a video recently uploaded to YouTube, a man proposes to his girlfriend after making her believe there was a problem with the small plane he was flying. She stays visibly calm as she helps him with the made-up in-flight issue, and he explains the problem is nothing he can't handle. Still, I don't think any problem seems small while you're airborne.
This isn't the first recorded attempt to combine romance with terror. There's the video featuring a Russian man who let his girlfriend think he was in danger at the hands of a biker gang before popping the question:
And the man who let his soon-to-be-wife think he had fallen to his death mid-proposal:
There's really nothing less romantic then letting someone you love know you are willing to make them believe they (or their loved ones) are in real danger. It's emotionally manipulative and mean — two things you never want to be, especially if you're asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you. So practice your dance moves, learn to perfectly lip sync "Stay With Me," or train a dozen puppies to hold flowers in their mouths to create the perfect proposal. But please, don't terrorize your significant other just to get a "yes."

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