Girls Will Be “Older, But Not Much Wiser” In Season 5

Photo: HBO.
Take a moment and prepare yourself for the new Girls trailer. It's that good. In an earlier peek, we saw Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham) break it down on the dance floor. In the latest extended trailer, we get to see all the girls break down a few emotional barriers. The teaser offers us a deeper look into where the girls are and where they're trying to be. Shoshanna is in Japan, where her co-worker, played by the very funny Aidy Bryant, makes an appearance. Hannah is in a constant state of flux — and body acceptance. Marnie is offering relationship advice (LOL). Jessa is reminding everyone the harsh realities of the world. It seems the fifth season might be summed up by one particularly funny back-and-forth between Shoshanna and Hannah in a frozen yogurt shop. "You're gonna wake up one day, and realize you've wasted your entire life," Jessa tells Hannah, with her resting bitch face perfectly in place. "You're too late!" Hannah responds triumphantly. "That already happened." The season is also sure to be full of triumph, both in life and love. "I have overcome the challenges of my nontraditional body type," Hannah exclaims at one point, before we see Ray photographing her in nothing but her tattoos. There's also a too-brief glimpse of a distressed Adam. So, what else to expect? Acroyoga, raves, cuddling, bitching. But mostly, it seems there will be a lot of (attempts at) growing up, one hilarious misstep at a time. Watch the trailer, below. Girls premieres Sunday February 21 on HBO.

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