6 TV Shows That Got Sexual Consent Right (& 4 That Got It So Wrong)

Waves of new consent laws have swept across the nation over the past several years. "Yes means yes" is the new "no means no" — although "no" does indeed still mean "no," to clear up any potential confusion. But, despite the fact that these phrases are so very short and sweet, they're also deceptively simplified. The truth is: There's more to consent than just a three-letter word of affirmation or the lack thereof.
One way that college kids and people at large are getting to know the nuances of the consent conversation? Television. In fact, a 2015 study showed that exposure to crime shows can really help people better understand consent laws. Law & Order: SVU was a standout series in this respect, but it's certainly not the only show that tackles issues of consent, and forces audiences to confront sexual coercion on-screen.
We've pulled together some series that have put consent issues front and center — for both better and worse. (Trigger warning: The following slides contains sensitive subject matter.)

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