Y-3 Designed The Sleekest Spacesuits, Ever (Obviously)

Photo: Courtesy of Y-3/Adidas.
For those with a casual $250K lying around to spend on intergalactic travel, commercial space flights on Richard Branson's "Spaceline," Virgin Galactic, are a very real possibility. Now, there's a very cool designer uniform in the works for Virgin Galactic's fleet, courtesy of Y-3.

The brand, a longstanding collaboration between Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto, unveiled the super-sleek, all-black pieces today at New Mexico's Spaceport America (pictured above). That's the location of Virgin Galactic's "Gateway To Space" terminal, a.k.a. the last spot those rich and adventurous enough to get catapulted beyond planet Earth will get to plant their feet.

Pilots and operations team members will wear the getup, which consists of a flight suit, flight boot, and jacket, all of which are currently in prototype mode.

Passengers, which Virgin Galactic dubs "astronauts," will also get to wear the jackets. The ensemble, which could pass for a Public School runway look, is a far cry from NASA's spacesuits, which tend to have a snowsuit silhouette and a strict palette of white or silver.
Photo: Courtesy of Y-3/Adidas.
Y-3's streamlined, high-tech outfit "truly represents both of our brands and, more importantly, will ensure comfort, functionality, and support for the pilots of the world’s first commercial space flights," Lawrence Midwood, Y-3's design director, said in a press statement.

Alas, we're not booking a flight for a six-person journey beyond earth anytime soon. But when (and that's a very lofty "when") we do, we can't wait to see these super-sleek looks IRL. Check out the video below to hear (and see) more about the fittingly futuristic spacesuits.

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