Woman In Labor Ditched By Uber Driver — & He Charged Her

Photo: Diane Bondareff/AP Photo.
A (formerly) pregnant woman in New York City has an Uber horror story that will definitely beat yours, no matter how long your driver listened to the Dave Matthews Band. Fortune reports that when David Lee's wife went into labor last November, they ordered an Uber to take them and their birthing coach to the hospital. But after his wife threw up outside the car, the driver refused to give them a ride. He did, however, charge them $13 dollars for his time.
The mom-to-be, her husband, and the birthing coach were left stranded on the sidewalk, likely debating whether walking or taking the subway was the better way to transport a woman dealing with contractions. Luckily, a second Uber driver was entirely willing to bring the group safely to the hospital, where their baby boy was born. Uber did refund Lee the $13, but he says the company hasn't allowed him to track down the actual driver who refused them a ride. Lee also voiced concern over other potential riders who might not adhere to Uber's rules. A statement provided by the company to Refinery29 asserted, "Denying service to a passenger in labor is unacceptable: it goes against our code of conduct and the standard of service our riders rely on."

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