Man Acquires Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Old Phone Number, Sexting Ensues

Photo: MediaPunch/REX Shutterstock.
"So ladies, if the butt is round / And you want a triple X throw down / Dial 1-900-MIXALOT / And kick them nasty thoughts." The man who gave the world "Baby Got Back," and, by extension, "Anaconda," didn't actually use 1-900-MIXALOT as his personal phone number, but his real-life digits are heating up nonetheless. The only problem is that rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot no longer uses the Seattle phone number, which means that the man who acquired it is the one being bombarded with sexts from women who ain't that average groupie. That man, by the way, happens to be a white public defender with a boyfriend. In an interview with The Seattle Times, Jonathan Nichols, who began using the number in 2012, says at first he was confused as to why he would get messages from aspiring musicians, pitches from luxury car dealerships, and racy sexts. It wasn't until he began receiving birthday messages for a man called Anthony Ray that he put two and two together. Ray is Sir Mix-a-Lot's birth name, and people were calling Nichols thinking they were reaching the rapper. What does Sir Mix-a-Lot make of the confusion? The hip-hop star called the mix-up "hilarious" when approached by the Times, then got down to business. “Tell him any really sexy pictures — little in the middle, and if she’s got much back — give them the new number."

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