Goats to San Francisco: Stop Feeding Us Your Christmas Trees

Photo: Getty Images.
Goats aren’t exactly known for their refined palates, but even they have their limits. A San Francisco company that disposes of old Christmas trees via environmentally friendly goat appetites is shrugging their shoulders, as the goats stubbornly refuse to eat any more trees. The company that owns the goats, City Grazing, told SFGate that the goats are sick of a menu of your old evergreens. “They’ve eaten many, many trees, and have reached the end of their appetite for the sticky deliciousness of spruce and fir,” a representative of City Grazing told SFGate by email. The company, which provides goat-powered landscaping, partners with the city fire department to dispose of trees in an environmentally friendly way. City Grazing said that they had received about 200 trees, or two-and-a-half per goat. Using goats or other grazing animals is a fairly common way of maintaining a landscape with minimal cost, to both landowners and the environment. Both Google and Yahoo have used the ultimate omnivores to clear land around their respective headquarters in northern California, and the city of Boston uses them to clear and maintain greenspace. The goats aren’t entirely done with your greenery, though. Apparently, they are still interested in eating ivy and “all manner” of weeds, so if you need your backyard cleared, the goats are ready. Your Tannenbaum, though, will have to be kicked to the curb.

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