Just How Well Do You Know Pretty Little Liars?

Everyone's favorite teen drama queens fast-forwarded five years into adulthood this week. Pretty Little Liars returned to Freeform (which will never stop being ABC Family), and that means one thing: Hanna Marin one-liners.
Don't we all love Hanna's hilarious quips? Has there ever been a character on a teen show with better-timed zingers about spying, lying, and shoes? The shocking answer: maybe.
Do you remember the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana? It's a show that you probably buried deep in your subconscious after Miley Cyrus first twerked on Robin Thicke so many years ago. But you must admit the series is funny — after all, there's a reason the horribly farfetched plot and bubblegum pop tunes were such a success.
Hannah Montana (also known as Miley Stewart) lives a double life — and so does Hanna Marin. Hannah Montana loves shoes; so does Hanna Marin. Hannah Montana flip-flops between brown hair and blonde hair; so does Hanna Marin.
The point here is that Hannah and Hanna aren't all that different. They both exist in implausible, unconvincing alternate realities in which teen girls are never in class, can fool their friends and neighbors with ridiculous lies, and live in constant fear. Fear of what? The truth.
So, it only seemed natural to create a quiz featuring quotes from your favorite Hanna(h). It's a bit of nostalgia with a touch of present-day PLL. It is — dare we say — the best of both worlds?
Click ahead, and test your Hanna(h) knowledge. Let's see just how well you know their signature one-liner style.

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