Taylor Swift’s New Doppelgänger Is Literally A Grandma

If Calvin Harris wants to know what it would be like to grow old with girlfriend Taylor Swift, then he need look no further than an image currently going viral across the internet. Multiple Taylor Swift doppelgängers have surfaced in recent months. One is a young girl halfway around the globe from Swift, in Australia, and a new one, a grandmother, is decades away from Swift in years.
The faded photograph — which is captioned, "When your Grandma looks like Taylor Swift and your Grandpa looks like Hugh Hefner's brother" — was uploaded by Redditor christmaspencil, to both Reddit and Imgur last week. The likeness is pretty uncanny. The eyes and the pouted lips are so Tay. We haven't seen Swift try this particular 'do, but you never know. Some commenters agree. Others are interested in seeing a picture of the Redditor's grandparents now, in their old-age prime. But most of the responses have been one simple phrase: "No, it's Becky," throwing it back to another viral T. Swift moment. Now, let us remind you of that incident in 2014, when Swift proved that she was in on all of the Tumblr jokes. The singer played into a viral meme, by adorning a custom-made "No, it's Becky" T-shirt and re-creating her famous 1989 polaroid album cover. "I'm kind of rethinking the album cover," she captioned the picture. Based on that clever response, we really looking forward to her take on the latest look-alike.

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