Your Horoscope For This Week — Jan 10 2016

Heavy is the head that wears the crown — and a little confused, too! All week long, the sun blazes through Capricorn, the sign of ultimate success. But signal-scrambler Mercury retrograde is also in the frame, and on Thursday the two heavenly bodies will make an exact connection. As a result, our #goals could either feel overarching or underwhelming, and we’ll need to make some tweaks. Trying to keep up with the royals is never a wise move, but during Capricorn season we’ll all care a little more than we should about status. Assess: Are we in the game for the right reasons, or has a desire to impress and “keep up” led us astray? If a mission is not fulfilling on a soul level, it should probably just get crossed off the 2016 resolution list.
Love also arrives with an air of gravitas. For the first half of the week, amorous Venus is bedded down with schoolmarm Saturn making it hard to generate excitement about amour. (Or even get it up for much of anything.) In fact, we could all be a little too freaked out about the future to enjoy the now! Should talks veer into the, “Where is this relationship heading?” or “Do you like me…like THAT?” territory (and trust us, they will), engage a sense of humor. If you can’t, then stop the convo short and save it for a moment when you’re both in a proactive, confident mood. And that could be Saturday! The quarter moon in energetic, innovative Aries will restore our joie de vivre this weekend. Aries is the “all about me” sign, so these moonbeams will put the attention back on ourselves — which might be exactly what’s needed to bring our closest connections back into balance.

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