Chris Hemsworth Is Making A Lot Of People Mad With This Instagram Photo

A photo of Chris Hemsworth dressed in traditional Native-American garb on New Year's Eve is earning the actor a lot of nasty comments on Instagram.

In a photo posted by his wife Elsa Pataky, Hemsworth is seen with friends at a "Wild Wild West"-themed New Year's party wearing warpaint and a long, dark-haired wig. Get it? Thor's dressed as a Native American.

Yep, unfortunately this is still happening in 2016.

Fin de Año 2016 Fiesta Wild Wild West!! Feliz Año a todos!!NYE 2016 Wild Wild West Party!! Happy New Year everyone !!

A photo posted by Elsa Pataky (@elsapatakyconfidential) on

Many on Instagram are calling out the actor for cultural appropriation and have begun leaving a wide range of disappointed comments on the post.

"As a native woman, its not about being offended or being upset, ITS ABOUT A LACK OF RESPECT FOR OUR CULTURE AND ANCESTORS,” one user wrote. “Why y’all wanna defend black people and their culture but not us? DRESSING LIKE THIS IS NO DIFFERENT TO US THEN DRESSING IN BLACK FACE.”

"I'm Native American, full-blooded Navajo," another commenter wrote, "and to see a picture of people dressed as my ancestors did is a huge slap of disrespect to my ancestors... I was a big fan of your work, Chris Hemsworth, [but] after seeing this post, I'm no longer a fan."

Yet another wrote, "As a Native American woman and a fan of all your movies please know how hurtful this is to myself and all my Native people."

Others, though, have come to Hemsworth's defense, saying that those who call the photo racist are being too sensitive.

"THIS IS AMERICA AND YOU HAVE NO RITE TO TELL PEOPLE WHAT TO POST ON THERE PAGE. KEEP IT MOVING," one supporter wrote, right after writing "Trump for president."

Hemsworth has yet to comment on the photo controversy.

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