Abused Dog Feels Gentle Human Touch For The First Time

Learning to trust humans can be difficult for animals who've been victims of mistreatment. For Priscilla, an abused Romanian dog, the process was a challenge at first, but the end result is truly heartwarming.

YouTube user Periscope 360 uploaded a video of Priscilla, who was rescued by Monica Mitreanu and taken to a Romanian animal shelter. The video doesn't provide details about what happened to Priscilla before she was rescued. But apparently, she was abused for most of her life up until her rescue, and was understandably terrified of humans.

The video shows a woman from the shelter trying to pet Priscilla, and the dog crying in fear. But after a few seconds of gentle touch, Priscilla realizes that she is being treated with love, not malice, and warms up to the attention. Later in the video, Priscilla can be seen happily playing with other humans and dogs.

According to the YouTube description, Priscilla has found a loving and permanent home. Check out her emotional journey in the video below.


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