Make Your Cleanse A Taco Cleanse

Photo: Food and Drink/REX Shutterstock.
Your New Year's detox can be a lot more painless than you anticipated. One diet fad that's picking up steam in Los Angeles is the taco cleanse, devised by self-proclaimed "taco scientists" Wes Allison, Stephanie Bogdanich, Molly R. Frisinger, and Jessica Morris. The group has authored a new cookbook, The Taco Cleanse: The Tortilla-Based Diet Proven to Change Your Life. They advise a vegan taco diet as a cleanse. It's alternative for sure, but it sounds delicious! The plan is pretty simple: Eat three tacos a day, for 30 days. The recipes are all vegan (no real-deal cheese or grilled steak, sorry) and make the most of ingredients like avocado and cayenne pepper. The book's site boasts lofty benefits like the ability to grow a beard, conceive a child, or, at the very least, "realign your chakras into an optimal taco pattern." In other words, take it with a grain of salt. Better yet, a dollop of salsa.

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