Woman Uses Social Media To Document Her Alleged Domestic Assault

Former radio shock jock Anthony Cumia has been arrested after a woman livestreamed a video on social media of him allegedly assaulting her.

In a video shared on Periscope, the woman accuses Cumia of assault, displaying what she says is a broken hand and multiple bruises. She says to the camera that the police have already been called, and that she's waiting for their arrival. The video, posted to an account under the name “Dani Golightly,” also appears to show her being hit once more as she says, “Don’t hit me again, stay away from me.”

In the video, she tells Cumia, who is offscreen, “You shouldn’t have lied, you shouldn’t have hit me, and you shouldn’t have treated me like shit, and then I wouldn’t be Periscoping this right now!” She adds that she’s already uploaded all of his threats. Later in the video, Cumia yells, “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the Anthony and Dani show!”

According to CBS News, when the police arrived at Cumia’s house in Long Island, he was strangling the 26-year-old woman. The victim’s name has not been officially released.

Cumia is a former host of the radio show “Opie and Anthony” on SiriusXM. He was fired in July of last year after a racist and sexist Twitter rant earned him public criticism.

A statement from Cumia’s lawyer says that he denies the allegations, and has entered a plea of not guilty. “Simply put, things are not always what they appear to be, and this case is a perfect example.”

This video contains graphic content.
Via YouTube.

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