This Classic Christmas Commercial Just Got A Creepy Update

Do you remember this Folgers commercial from 2009? While some saw it as a sweet holiday classic that shows a heartwarming tale of sibling love between a brother and sister reunited, others seriously disagreed. In fact, there's been a lot of talk over the years about the whole thing actually being much more of a Jamie/Cersei-style incestuous caffeinated Christmas morning. And this holiday season, for the amusement of all the Folgers Christmas spirit doubters out there, YouTube sketch comedy group Above Average took the commercial to what some people might call its natural end.
The ad was extended to introduce the siblings' parents, who aren't too excited their son is back. In this updated version, big bro wasn't volunteering overseas to help people in need. He was sent there by his parents who didn't want to see their children flirting over their morning cups of Joe.

And for anyone who has had their eyes opened by this parody in a way they wish they hadn't been, don't worry. This Hershey's Kisses Christmas ad really is full of pure holiday spirit.

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