Cats & Dogs Remake Our Favorite Holiday Movies

There's nothing more entertaining for humans than to dress up our pets in goofy clothing and turn on the cameras. Well, SheKnows — with the help of the Humane Society of New York — has taken this time-honored tradition of animal embarrassment and sprinkled it with viral-video-colored tinsel. Some of the Humane Society's most adorable quad-paws make their digital debuts in SheKnows' now-viral vid, "Dogs and Cats Re-Create Holiday Movies." Among the sugarplum-laden remakes: Doodle Elf, A Pugsmas Story, Love Catually, How the Kitten Stole Christmas, and Frozen Dogs. One of our favorite moments? When a couple of cat burglars attempt to invade the home of a pug version of Macaulay Culkin, in Pug Alone. Will this cheery compilation win an Oscar? No. Might it inspire a brand-new holiday tradition for all of us who really get a kick out of dressing up our animals in festive gear? Yes! Picture it: A Maltese on 34th Street! "Yes, Siamese cat, there is a Santa Claus." Perhaps our favorite moment from this video comes during the end credits — the shoutout to the Humane Society of New York. Caring for New York City pets for more than a century, the Humane Society is an incredible organization that takes care of cats, dogs, and all sorts of other non-humans when they need homes, become injured, or fall ill. To donate, get involved with, or adopt from the Humane Society, click here. OPENER IMAGE: Hulya Ozkok/REX Shutterstock.

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