Puppies Who Need Homes Reenact Scenes From Point Break

On Christmas Day, the 1991 classic Point Break will get its reboot. Except the new version threw us off as soon as we saw the trailer. Bodhi isn't a shaggy-haired, sun-kissed Patrick Swayze type. Instead, the character has been cast to look more like Johnny Utah. In turn, Utah looks more like the traditional Bodhi. It's all a bit off. So, we decided to cast our own remake — with dogs who look more like the original characters. Oh, and all these canines need homes. Since we know you'll be interested in exactly how we can get these pups adopted, we asked Matthew Carroll, off-site manager for North Shore Animal League America, to give us the scoop on the balls of fluff.
Rhea, on the left, takes a break from sky diving as Bodhi. Eric, on the right, wants her to keep playing.
Rhea (Patrick Swayze/Bodhi): Rhea is a 12-week-old collie/husky/hound mix who was rescued from Tennessee. Having spent time with her, we can tell you her paws are like dinner plates, and Carroll says she'll grow to be a very large dog. Right now, though, she's a lap dog. "She's happy laying on you, being held, falling asleep in your arms." But, like all puppies, she likes to play. She needs someone who can spend time with her, and someone who can really teach her. "She needs to be taught certain rules, certain lessons to keep her happy. When she's happy, she's going to be your absolute best friend." Carroll says she'll stay next to you, follow your leg everywhere you go, and jump in your lap when you're on the couch. (Yes, even when she's far too large to do so.) Rhea won't really succeed in a small apartment. "She would be a better fit for a home with a yard and a fence, so she can just have some room to grow." Carroll also says Rhea is one of the sweetest dogs he's seen so far. "She's a bundle of joy, and the family that gets her is going to be extremely lucky."

Eric (Keanu Reeves/Johnny Utah):
Eric's a 16-week-old lab mix who was rescued from South Carolina. Carroll describes him as having a "very rambunctious personality, very high energy. You see the lab right away in him." We can attest that he's a total goofball who likes to play a lot. Eric needs a family that's out and about. "If you like to go walking, like going to parks, play a little baseball, he will follow you everywhere," Carroll says. He gets along really well with other dogs, too. Keep in mind that Eric's the kind of dog that needs a healthy amount of attention. "He loves people and wants to be around people all the time, Carroll says. "He's going to want someone who's there to hang out with him and play most of the day." Carroll also reminds us that, though Eric is about 20 pounds right now, he'll probably grow to be about 60 to 80 pounds. "So a small apartment, maybe a studio apartment in the city, might not be the best bet for him," Carroll says. "But, again, if you're a person who likes to get out and get around, he'll be happy. He'll be with you, next to you, the whole time."
Carmalite as Angelo.
Carmalite (Gary Busey/Angelo Pappas): Oh, man. If you're partial to dogs who nap with their tongues sticking out, then Carmalite is for you. She's a 6-year-old Chihuahua mix who was rescued from the New York area. "She's a very sweet dog and loves to be a lap dog," Carroll says. "This type of dog wants to sit next to you. She wants you to watch TV, wants to be right in your lap. Doesn't want to leave your side. As long as she's sitting down, she's happy." In other words, if your idea of a Friday night is Netflix on the couch, Carmalite's your girl. One thing to keep in mind about her, though, is that she's more passive when it comes to interacting with other dogs. She doesn't have time for a puppy's shenaningans. "She wouldn't really fit in a household with a brand new puppy, because she wants to sit, and the puppy wants to play," Carroll advises. He also wants you to know that it may take a while for Carmalite to warm up to you. "But then she's going to be your best friend." And to those of you who say, "I want a tiny puppy, not a dog who's already 6 years old," Carroll says you'd be surprised at how an older dog can actually be a better fit for your lifestyle. "A young professional wants a puppy, but it might not be the best idea. They're at work all the time, and the puppy needs constant attention." Not to mention all the training you'd have to give the puppy. "An older dog, they're okay hanging out with themselves for a while. They don't mind the alone time."
Sparkle was surprisingly into surfing.
Sparkle (Lori Petty/Tyler Endicott): She's a 10-week-old lab mix that the NSALA rescued from Virginia. She's on the smaller side, compared to Eric, our Keanu Reeves dog, so she's likely mixed with something like a pointer. "She's a little bit skinnier, but just as much fun," Carroll says. She's a lot like Eric, in that she wants to run and play a lot. "She's going to need that attention, and she needs a family that can run around and play with her." Throw her a ball, take her to the park, you get the idea. Plus, Sparkle is great with other dogs. Since she'll stay on the smaller side, she'll be happy in an apartment, as long as she has the attention she needs and some time outside. Carroll shares that she will need to be housebroken, but she's a smart pup. "The lab mix, they're a very intelligent breed. All they want to do is learn."

North Shore Animal League
is located at 25 Davis Avenue in Port Washington, NY. The shelter is having a Christmas Eve adoption special. From 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., providing free adoptions for all approved applicants. Of course, you can still make a donation if you'd like. Santa will be there, hanging out with the doggies.

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