5 Surprises From Vanessa Hudgens' New Lifestyle Site

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Seemingly not discouraged by Blake Lively's Goop-that-never-was site, Preserve, actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens is the latest star to try her hand at an online lifestyle hub.

The High School Musical star just launched her own website called, mystically enough, Astral & Opal. In her editor's note on the site, Hudgens writes that while she loves being on the world wide web, "Nothing ever stuck with me." (On the entire internet?! That's actually kind of impressive.)

She continues, "I thought it was time to create the site I needed in my life. As for me, I believe that life is as you make it. I want to feel good, look good, and live a colorful life full of adventure. You are in the drivers seat, on an open road and only get one lifetime to make it count. We gotta live it to the fullest!"

Hudgens says she hopes the site "guides you to inspiration, passion, wisdom and makes your world a little more colorful."

So, what did we discover while cruising Astral & Opal? Well, other than it seems very much like what we imagine Hudgens tent must feel like at Coachella.

Here are five things that caught our attention:

1. It appears that, so far, all of Astral & Opal's writers and contributors come courtesy of FanBread, a new approach to introducing talent online.

2. There are no less than six ways to cleanse your soul.

3. In fact, cleansing is a big part of the Astral & Opal vibes, from social media cleansing to juices.

4. Unfortunately, there's no sign of Hudgens' upcoming turn in Grease: Live on the site...yet.

5. It stays true to the name. There are both posts about astrology (re: astral) and boho jewelry (re: opal).


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