A Depressing Number Of Voters Would Bomb Aladdin's (Fictional) Hometown

Photo: Everett.
It's a whole new world these days, and apparently a lot of people don’t know what’s actually in it. A survey conducted by Public Policy Polling found that an unfortunate number of voters support bombing Agrabah, a fictional town from Disney’s Aladdin.

According to MTV News, the poll asked just over 500 registered Republican voters their opinions on GOP presidential candidates and certain policy issues. Among the questions were whether or not the United States should ban Muslims from entering the country, shut down mosques, or create a national database of Muslims. At the very end, voters were questioned on whether or not they would support bombing Agrabah, a city that does not exist. Of those voters polled, 30% said they were for bombing the nonexistent city, with only 13% opposing. Breaking it down by candidate, Trump supporters were most likely to support bombing Agrabah, and Lindsey Graham supporters were most likely to oppose it.

Public Policy Polling’s Twitter account had to include the hashtag #NotTheOnion to assure the public that this is, sadly, a real statistic.

To be fair, there was no option for responders to call the pollsters’ bluff and point out Agrabah’s reality deficiency. Of Republican voters polled, 57% avoided a definitive answer by saying that they were “not sure” about whether to bomb the city. Democratic voters did even worse in getting the joke. It turns out that 36% of Democratic voters were against bombing Aladdin’s hometown, with 19% supporting, meaning that more than half of Democrats were willing to take a firm stance on Agrabah.

Our stance? If you’re talking about attacking any place with a genie-based defense system, err on the side of caution.

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