This 16-Year-Old Track Star Is The Youngest U.S. Athlete To Go Pro

Photo: Courtesy of ASICS.
In June, 16-year-old Candace Hill sprinted 100 meters in 10.98 seconds, making her the fastest girl in the U.S. Now, she's signed an endorsement deal with Asics and is the youngest athlete in the country to go pro.

But Hill, who lives in Atlanta, GA, isn't just a track star — she has stellar grades, too. So, as part of her 10-year agreement with Asics, the athletic-wear company will fully cover Hill's tuition at any college that accepts her. But rather than racing in the college arena, Hill will be competing on the international level against the world's fastest runners.
The Olympic trials will be held next month in Eugene, OR. Hill has already qualified for the 100- and 200-meter sprints — oh, and she's the youngest U.S. athlete, male or female, ever to do so. NBD.

Hill isn't the only young female athlete to make headlines recently, and the world is taking notice. We've seen 14-year-old climbing star Ashima Shiraishi set several records. Earlier this year, she became the first female (and youngest climber ever) to complete the notoriously difficult Open Your Mind Direct climb in Santa Linya, Spain. And did we mention that this year's Women's World Cup final was the most-watched soccer match in history?

As a year of ladies kicking ass in sports comes to an end, we can't wait to see what's in store for 2016.
Photo: Courtesy of ASICS.

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