Macaulay Culkin Reprises His Home Alone Role In This New Series

Image: Courtesy of 20th Century Fox.
Merry Christmas: The McCallisters are back! Well, at least one of them is, anyway.

Macaulay Culkin, the star of Home Alone, is reprising the character of Kevin in a bizarre online series. In the first episode of DRYVRS, entitled "Just Me in the House by Myself," we meet the grown-up version of the little kid who got left behind by his entire family.

If you've ever wondered about the long-term implications of being abandoned by your parents and siblings over Christmas vacation, DRYVRS spells it out. In the intervening years, Culkin's character has clearly been through some rough stuff. He's definitely not over being hunted by burglars. And while he's got some impressive self-defense tricks up his sleeve, by the end of the premiere episode of DRYVRS, it's pretty clear he might benefit from some serious therapy.

Warning: This isn't the Home Alone remake you might be hoping for. But for the sake of nostalgia, we're going to recommend you watch it nonetheless.


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