Guess Which 1D Member Wants To Marry Selena Gomez?

Photo: Matt Baron/REX Shutterstock.
James Corden recently lived out a teenage (and, okay, adult) fantasy: cruising around Los Angeles with the members of One Direction. While chauffeuring the U.K.'s national treasures about town, the late-night host sang a bunch of 1D songs and proved that he's on-pitch. He also convinced the guys to don matching chambray shirts. And he may have gifted them some signature dance moves.

But Corden's greatest contribution to the car ride was getting one of singers to cop to which pop princess he'd propose to. Niall Horan admitted, during a game of sleep/marry/cruise — a cleaned-up version of fuck/marry/kill — that he'd put a ring on Selena Gomez. He also admitted that he'd sleep with Tina Fey, and "cruise" (as in, get on a great big boat) with Demi Lovato.

No word yet as to whether or not the pop princess has accepted this unofficial proposal. But we'd put money on Bieber being totally jealous.

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