On A Hospital Visit, Prince Harry Met A Patient With Fond Memories Of Princess Diana

Photo: Rupert Hartley/REX Shutterstock.
While Prince Harry was doing his part to give back at a hospital this month, he received something important as well. According to a report from Us Weekly, Harry met a patient at Mildmay Mission Hospital who, when she was just 2 years old, met Harry's mother, Princess Diana. Prince Harry and the young woman, who was born HIV positive, spoke about their memories of her. She told him, "Your mother's lap was so comfortable and I cuddled into her." Harry replied that he shared the same memory of his mother.
Harry's visit to the hospital, which serves patients suffering from HIV, echoes his mother's efforts to support HIV patients in the '80s. The director of the hospital's fundraising efforts, Kerry Reeves-Kneip, praised Princess Diana's work for the hospital during Harry's visit. He explained, "She gave a lot of love and comfort to the people here. She was absolutely incredible.”

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